Inner Peace by Gordon Burnham

by Gordon Burnham

This relaxing, meditative album of inspired poetry and music will gently lift you out of your everyday world and cares into a realm of joy and peace.

The poems in this album have been selected from three books of Gordon Burnham’s published poetry: The Mystical Dance, Something the River Says and Whispers of Light. They were inspired by the atmosphere, and written on the grounds of, the Ananda Ashrama in La Crescenta, CA.

With varying themes—from Awakening To Happiness—to Nature’s Healing Touch—to Inner Peace Meditations, beautifully spoken with a background of gently flowing and deeply inspiring music.

These selections are excellent for guided meditations or for just relaxing into peace. The words by themselves are inspiring and uplifting, spoken much as music is played, with a natural rhythm and comforting expression.

The thoughts expressed in these words are a reflection of the great spiritual teachings of India and the world. The poems also aim to reflect the beauty and truth that nature so eloquently speaks — and that lives in the hearts of all beings.

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