Gordon’s music opens the heart to the love and compassion of the universe
— Joan Borysenko, author, "Minding the Body, Mending the Mind"

Cosmic Kirtan

Original Kirtans and Sanskrit Chants with vocals, guitars, violin, tamboura, sitara, sitar, harp, duduk, pan flute and percussion. Eight rhythmic uptempo kirtans and three slow mellow kirtans. The sound is a blend of East and West with vocals, guitars, violin, tamboura, sitara, sitar, harp, duduk, pan flute and percussion. The kirtans, or bhajans, are original music and traditional Sanskrit words.


Peace Chant

Peace Chant by the Gandharvas with Gordon Burnham is a live recording of the 1st Annual Veteran’s Day Peace Chant.

A concert to to honor all those who have sacrificed for peace and to promote peace throughout the world through the Power of Music, sponsored by the Jizo Peace Center and featuring Sanskrit chanting and songs of peace by The Gandharvas, musicians and singers from Ananda Ashrama, La Crescenta, led by Gordon Burnham with Vocals, Sitara, Tamboura, Guitars, Tablas, Violin, Harp, Percussion and Dynamic Energy!


Peace Chant II - Breath of My Soul

Peace Chant II “Breath of My Soul” by The Ananda Gandharvas with Gordon Burnham is a live recording of the 3rd Annual Veteran’s Day Peace Chant.

This is a very rhythmic and engaging performance, mostly Sanskrit kirtans with a few intense and heartfelt slow universal spiritual songs. Vocals, Sitara, Tamboura, Guitars, Tablas, Violin, Harp, Mandolin, Wood Flute, Bazooki, Percussion. A mystical and magical evening of chant and song.


Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart by Gordon Burnham and John McCormick.

Steel string acoustic guitar duets.

This recording came together during a period of powerful musical, personal and spiritual transition, helping us both to navigate through a tumultuous and exciting time in life’s journey. The music is introspective and serenely joyful, a musical meditative journey generating an atmosphere that lifts and releases the heart and soul.


Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life is a warm, uplifting collection of songs with universal spiritual lyrics, heartfelt vocals and rich acoustic based arrangements, including guitar, mandolin, flute, congas, tablas and full harmonies from the Vedanta Centre Choir.


Soul Dance

 Soul Dance is New Age music at it’s best! Sparkling acoustic guitar by Gordon Burnham, rich, brilliant cello, tasteful percussion, and ethereal keyboards by Jim Richards will take your mind on a refreshing and healing journey.

Music can provide direct access to emotional and spiritual experiences we rarely touch upon in our daily lives, but so deeply need for our soul’s fulfillment and our healing as a whole being. This music was born of a desire to feel and express the yearning in all of us to be whole, and the joy of being moved into that realm through music!

Each of these songs has a strong theme and emotional depth that will make your heart sing and your soul dance! “Soul Dance” is a vivid tapestry of sound and emotion, a song from the depths of the human spirit, an echo from the depths of the human heart.

“In the realm of New Age Music, SOUL DANCE, stands out as a truly fresh and genuine expression of the heart and soul!”
– MIGUEL PESOA, producer, Narada Records


Inner Peace: Meditative Poetry and Music

Meditative Poetry, gently spoken with relaxing and soothing music—for inner peace, deep relaxation, mental refreshment, spiritual upliftment and healing—each selection a little vista on the path to awakening.

These selections are excellent for guided meditations or for just relaxing into peace. The words by themselves are inspiring and uplifting, spoken much as music is played, with a natural rhythm and comforting expression.

This relaxing, meditative album of inspired poetry and music will gently lift you out of your everyday world and cares into a realm of joy and peace.